World Heritage Wine Museum

This is the third and final attraction of the Cultural and Conference Centre in Tokaj. An old, deserted and ruinous three-storey building has been converted into the wine museum, which now looks spectacular in the cultural district of the town. The World Heritage Wine Museum is opened to present wine regions that are part of the world heritage site meeting every technical requirement of our age. Tourists who visit Tokaj may not just learn about the only world heritage wine region of Hungary but can also meet specialities of Austrian, French, German, Italian, Portugal and Swiss wine regions.

These are interactive exhibitions to present ‘Tokaj-Hegyalja’ Wine Region. Visitors can explore the area on foot, by bicycle or even by car without leaving the museum. Of course, Tokaj wine is in the focus: visitors of the wine museum have the opportunity to learn everything about the world-famous wine and about different kinds of traditions and activities related to wine production. Modern technology makes the exhibitions interactive, more interesting and enjoyable.

However, those who prefer the traditional exhibitions will not get bored either. Visitors can discover the history of this region by examining certain artifacts from the collection of the Tokaji Museum which have never been exhibited before.